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VentureBridge’s market entry, business establishment and development expertise, in combination with a large network of resources and competencies, provide our clients with an attractive way to enter the US market in safer, faster and more cost effective ways.

An important differentiator between us and other business development firms is that we focus on assisting mainly Scandinavian software and hi-tech companies.

A common denominator to our services is that we will work very closely and hands-on with you. We want to take a long-term and vested interest in your business. And we provide real value through having actual experience from establishing North American operations for Scandinavian companies.

This "been-there-done-that" experience helps us help you recognize and make the necessary adaptation from European values, marketing, sales, and recruitment models to faster, safer and more cost-effectively launch your business or products.

VentureBridge’s services can be divided into a number of categories, and applied in many ways to provide as much value as possible to you.   Below you will find some of the services we can provide, easing your entry and transition to the North American software and hi-tech marketplace:

Market Entry Strategies
Discussions, research and definition of suitable entry and marketing strategies; benefits with alternative channels; cost and resource budgeting; differences in models between Europe and North America.
General Start-up and Business Development Expertise
Providing general start-up and business development services by providing tactical, hands-on support backed by expertise gained from actual experience in establishing software and hi-tech companies.
Marketing Strategies and Adaptation
Development of suitable marketing strategies, focus, channels and vehicles; adaptation of marketing material style, copy and tone to meet the requirements of the North American market, while retaining your core corporate values and identity.
Development and Support of the Distribution Channel
Discussions and definition of suitable distributor and partner profiles regarding competence, geographical presence, resources, and existing customer base; identification, qualification, recruitment and training; development of partner agreements, price lists, cooperative marketing programs, etc.
Company Representation
Providing you with a bridgehead and presence in North America by assuming the role as your representative; providing competent sales and marketing resources as well as address, phone, fax and e-mail.